What to Expect When You Become a Pure Turf Customer

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May 15, 2024
Lawn Care

Pure Turf is a trusted and leading lawn care provider in Middle Tennessee with a proven track record of delivering exceptional results. With years of experience in the industry, Pure Turf has established itself as a reliable and reputable company that homeowners can depend on for all your lawn care needs.

When it comes to maintaining a healthy and beautiful lawn, it is crucial for homeowners to have a reliable lawn care provider by your side. A well-maintained lawn not only enhances the overall aesthetics of a property but also contributes to the well-being of the environment and the homeowner's enjoyment of your outdoor space. 

However, lawn care can be time-consuming and complex, requiring specific knowledge and expertise. This is where Pure Turf steps in as a trusted partner, taking the burden off homeowners' shoulders and providing them with peace of mind knowing your lawn is in capable hands.

Why Choose Pure Turf

  • Expert Consultation
  • Timely Service
  • Proactive Communication
  • Tailored, Middle Tennessee Specific Treatments
  • Safe, High Quality Products 

Expert Consultation

Pure Turf sets itself apart by offering an in-depth and personalized expert consultation process to assess the unique needs of each customer's lawn. When a homeowner engages Pure Turf's services, the journey begins with an initial consultation where a skilled and knowledgeable lawn care expert visits the property. This consultation serves as the foundation for understanding the specific requirements of the lawn and creating a tailored plan for its care.

During the consultation, a Pure Turf expert conducts a comprehensive evaluation of the lawn's health and condition. This involves a meticulous inspection to identify any potential problem areas, such as areas of poor growth, weed infestations, or signs of disease. By closely examining the lawn's current state, the expert gains valuable insights that inform the development of an effective treatment strategy.

Following the assessment, the Pure Turf expert leverages their expertise to craft a customized lawn care plan that addresses the specific needs identified during the consultation. This plan is thoughtfully designed to provide the necessary treatments, such as fertilization, weed control, aeration, or pest management, based on the lawn's unique requirements.

By tailoring the plan to the lawn's individual characteristics, Pure Turf ensures that each customer receives a targeted and effective approach to optimize the health and vitality of your lawn.

Timely Service

Pure Turf is committed to delivering timely and dependable service to its customers throughout the year. Understanding the seasonal requirements of lawn care, the company ensures that it proactively tends to the needs of each customer's lawn, providing essential treatments and maintenance at the appropriate times. This proactive approach is aimed at promoting optimal growth, health, and resilience of the lawn across different seasons, from spring to winter.

In order to uphold its commitment to timely service, Pure Turf employs a diligent scheduling and monitoring system. The experienced team at Pure Turf is skilled at keeping track of each customer's lawn care schedule, ensuring that essential tasks such as fertilization, weed control, and aeration are carried out punctually and as needed.

During every scheduled visit, the team conducts thorough inspections of the lawn, identifying any emerging issues or changes in the lawn's condition.

Should any issues arise during these inspections or between scheduled visits, our team takes immediate action to address them. Whether it's tackling a sudden weed infestation, addressing signs of disease, or adjusting the treatment plan in response to changing conditions, the team at Pure Turf is proactive in dealing with any issues affecting the health and appearance of the lawn.

This swift and responsive approach reflects the company's dedication to safeguarding the well-being of its customers' lawns, ensuring that they remain lush, vibrant, and free from potential problems.

Proactive Communication

Pure Turf places a strong emphasis on proactive communication, recognizing that open and transparent communication is essential for a successful partnership with our customers. The company values the importance of keeping customers informed at every stage of your lawn care journey.

By prioritizing proactive communication, Pure Turf ensures that customers are aware of the services being provided, the timing of visits, and any necessary actions that may be required to maintain the health and beauty of your lawn.

To facilitate effective communication, the Pure Turf team utilizes various channels to connect with customers. We reach out through phone calls, emails, and text messages, catering to the diverse preferences and needs of our clientele. 

Text & Email Notifications

Upon confirmation of your contract with us, you can select text and/or email notifications for service reminders. We will reach out to you 24 hours in advance to let you know that our team is coming to your property (weather permitting) and you can prepare in advance!

We ask that your lawn is clear of outdoor toys, furniture, etc and for you to bring in your pet until the grass has dried.

If any specific actions or steps are required from the homeowner to support the effectiveness of the services, Pure Turf will communicate those needs with you, providing detailed instructions to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved.

Customer Dashboard

We also offer a customer dashboard to update billing information, review services, and find helpful information!

When you go to our website, simply click Login once you have registered as a customer:

By prioritizing proactive communication, Pure Turf fosters a strong relationship with its customers based on trust and transparency. Customers feel informed and involved in your lawn care journey, knowing that the Pure Turf team is readily available to address any questions or concerns.

Tailored, Middle-Tennessee Specific Treatments

Pure Turf takes pride in delivering tailored treatments that are specifically designed to address the unique needs of each lawn. We understand that no two lawns are exactly alike, and as such, a one-size-fits-all approach to lawn care is ineffective. Therefore, Pure Turf adopts a personalized approach, taking into account the individual characteristics and requirements of each lawn to develop customized treatment plans.

The range of services offered by Pure Turf includes fertilization, weed control, aeration, pest management, and other specialized lawn care treatments. Each of these services is carefully recommended based on the specific needs identified during the expert consultation process and specific to the Middle Tennessee climate.

For instance, if a lawn is struggling with nutrient deficiencies, the team at Pure Turf will recommend a tailored fertilization program to replenish vital nutrients and promote healthy growth. Similarly, if weeds are encroaching on the lawn, Pure Turf will devise a targeted weed control plan to eliminate invasive plants while nurturing the grass.

We also understand the unique climate in Middle Tennessee which is why every product we choose is carefully selected for our unique region.

Hear from Ronnie Bone, COO on how Pure Turf selects grass seed for the Fall Aeration and Overseeding season:

Additionally, Pure Turf is committed to staying updated on the latest and most effective lawn care practices. By staying abreast of industry advancements and best practices, the company ensures that its recommendations are always based on the most current and proven techniques. 

Leveraging this knowledge, Pure Turf can provide customers with treatments that are not only tailored to your lawn's needs but are also aligned with the most effective and environmentally responsible lawn care methodologies available. This dedication to personalized and cutting-edge treatments enables Pure Turf to deliver exceptional results, promoting vibrant, healthy, and resilient lawns for its customers.

Safe, High Quality Products

Ensuring the safety of kids and pets is a top priority for any homeowner, especially when it comes to maintaining a healthy and vibrant lawn. At Pure Turf, we are deeply committed to using only the highest quality products that are not only effective in promoting lush and beautiful lawns but are also safe for children and pets to enjoy.

Our commitment to safety begins with the selection of premium-quality lawn care products that have been rigorously tested and proven to deliver exceptional results without compromising the well-being of your loved ones. By choosing top-tier products, we can ensure that your lawn receives the nutrients and treatments it needs to thrive, while providing peace of mind that children and pets can safely play on the grass.

We understand that families value a healthy and toxin-free environment, which is why we prioritize the use of safe and environmentally friendly products in our lawn care treatments. 

The Proven Pure Turf Promise

With a Pure Turf proven program, you will see results within weeks and a full transformation within 8-12 months. All of our programs (Premium, Elite, and EliteX) include the following treatments:

The following services can be added on to your Basic program:

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