Mosquitoes Suck

Here at Pure Turf, we understand the painful disturbance mosquitoes cause. And we say, “No more!”

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Mosquito Control & Prevention

We don’t think you need us to convince you that mosquitoes are an annoyance. Even more, they can be a major health hazard.

Mosquitoes just seem to suck the life out of any outdoor event. And we want to prevent that for you!

Here’s how we do it:

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First, we assess your property and provide a free estimate.

Dry it out

Then we remove standing water from your property. Mosquitoes love standing water, especially in warmer climates.


Finally, we treat any areas where mosquitoes like to congregate and any standing water that can’t be cleared or drained.

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We'll solve your mosquito problem in these common breeding grounds


Standing Water

Few things attract mosquitoes as quickly as standing water. Standing water can accumulate more easily than you might think.



Don’t forget to clean out your drains and gutters and keep them maintained! Mosquitoes swarm to a clogged gutter since it offers moisture and protection.


Moist, Shaded Areas

Under decks, in woodpiles, and under overgrown bushes are all places where mosquitoes like to congregate. 

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Let us help you get rid of mosquitoes so you can enjoy the outdoors again.

We treat areas where mosquitoes like to rest. These include trees, shrubs, wood piles, under decks and any place shaded and moist. We’ll also do a full property inspection to eliminate any standing water. Any standing water that cannot be drained will be treated with granules that prevent mosquito larva from maturing.

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