Lawn Fertilization Services in Murfreesboro, TN

Annual treatments to build a healthier lawn for your family to enjoy

Is this your lawn?

Is your lawn being overtaken by weeds and unhealthy grass? Are you embarrassed to host summer parties because your grass is not healthy and lush? Have you struggled to have success with DIY fertilizers from Lowes or Home Depot?

How Does A Premium Lawn Fertilization Program Transform Your Lawn? 

weed seeds backlit by sunlight in a field
Weed Control

Say goodbye to weeds, prickers, and other plants that are in your lawn.

weed seed profile

Biostimulants boost nutrition efficiency and increase plant tolerance to environmental stress.

weed treatment for dandelions
Regular Treatments

Once-and-done treatments may temporarily work, but for a beautiful long-term lawn we encourage regular treatments.

How Does Our Fertilization Program Work?

Do the treatments hurt sidewalks, patios, or paved areas?

No, in the event we use a granular product we will blow off the paved areas.

Do you offer 1-time fertilization services or do I need to join a full plan?

You must be on one of our programs, but may skip any treatment at any time. There are no contracts.

How long should I wait after fertilization & weed control to mow or play in the yard?

You may play as soon as the treatment is dry, typically within an hour. Ideally, wait 24 hours to mow for the weed control product to be better absorbed by the weeds.

If I don’t want all 8 treatments, do you allow me to pick and choose the ones I want?

All of our treatments are designed to work together. We do not cut corners or have any weak programs that leave out important steps. However, you can skip any application as it is scheduled if you like.

Should I be concerned about my children playing on a fertilized yard?

No, once an application is dry, it is safe to play.

What Nashville Areas Do You Service?

We service all lawns in the City of Nashville and greater Nashville metro area, including the following zip codes and suburban areas:

  • 37013 Antioch / Cane Ridge
  • 37027 Brentwood
  • 37072 Goodlettsville
  • 37076 Hermitage
  • 37115 Madison
  • 37138 Old Hickory
  • 37201 Downtown Riverfront / SoBro, 37203 Music Row / Edgehill / Vandy / West End Circle / Downtown (western) / The Gulch / Wedgewood Houston
  • 37204 12 South / Belmont / Lipscomb / Green Hills / Oak Hill / Edgehill
  • 37205 Belle Meade / West Meade / West Nashville
  • 37206 Lower East Nashville / Lockeland Springs
  • 37207 North Nashville / Dickerson Pike
  • 37208 Germantown / TSU
  • 37209 Sylvan Park / Sylvan Heights / The Nations / Charlotte Park
  • 37210 Woodbine / Glencliff / Briley / Elm Hill
  • 37211 South Nashville/ Whispering Hills / Brentioch / Lenox
  • 37212 Music Row / Vanderbilt / Hillsboro Village / Belmont
  • 37214 Donelson / Airport
  • 37215 Green Hills / Forest Hills / Belle Meade
  • 37216 Inglewood
  • 37217 Edge-O-Lake / Priest Lake / Briley Parkway
  • 37218 Bordeaux
  • 37219 Downtown / Central Business District
  • 37220 Oak Hill / Crieve Hall
  • 37221 Bellevue
  • 37027 Brentwood
  • 37064 - 37067 - 37069 Franklin
  • 37135 Nolensville
  • 37014 Arrington, 37046 College Grove
  • 37062 Fairview
  • 37179 Thompson’s Station
  • 37174 Spring Hill
  • 37122 - 37121 Mt Juliet
  • 37087 - 37090 Lebanon
  • 37184 Watertown
  • 37138 Old Hickory
  • 37075 Hendersonville
  • 37075 - 37066 Gallatin
  • 37148 Portland
  • 37070 - 37072 Goodlettsville
  • 37048 Cottontown
  • 37188 Whitehouse
  • 37086 LaVergne
  • 37167 Smyrna
  • 37127 - 37218 - 37130 Murfreesboro

We service all lawns throughout the greater Nashville area, including:

What about fertilizing my own lawn with materials from Lowes or Home Depot?

Big Box stores typically have low quality products. It is also very important to apply fertilizers and weed control products with the correct techniques and always follow the label rates. This can be difficult for homeowners to do on a consistent basis.

What is your pricing for fertilization?

Our pricing is based on your laws square footage. Please contact us for a free estimate.

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All Insecticide Treatments
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Picture this: It's a picturesque sunny day, and as you step outside, you're greeted by a lush and weed-free lawn, ready for you to bask in its beauty.

That's exactly what our comprehensive weed control program brings to homeowners in the greater Nashville area.

Our unwavering commitment is to provide you with the utmost enjoyment of your outdoor sanctuary, hand in hand with your cherished companions. Be it a joyful backyard BBQ or an energetic neighborhood whiffleball game, we yearn for you to revel in the satisfaction of owning a lawn that captivates attention and inspires admiration within the community!

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